Carl Sagan, rock star astronomer indeed

12 Jan 2010

Is it just me, or are these the same faces?

Astronomical star

Carl Sagan

Rock star

David Lee Roth

If it weren't for Carl's untimely departure, I'd have to ask whether the beloved astronomer was ever spotted shouting "Bill-ions upon bill-ions of stars!" while doing high-jump splits off a Cornell podium.


Lol actually, I find the resemblance between Roth and William Lane Craig kind of uncanny. He looks like what WLC would look like as a crazy homeless guy...

defaithed's picture

William Lane Craig

I had no idea what WLC looks like, but now that I do a quick check... Hey, you're on to something. In particular, these guys all have the same nose.

A rocker, an astronomer, and a theologian, who look like three brothers? Therefore, God!

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Carl sagan was indeed a great astronomer and his contribution towards the field of astronomy has been really enoromous .By his untimely departure we have lost the great personality.

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