"God Cares" – The Sequel!

17 May 2010

Now here's a guy quick with the FinalCut Pro (or whatever the tool may be). The movie meister behind "God's Wonderful World" spun viewer suggestions into a Part II, featuring more of the horrors that take place under the holy nose of a "God" who just sits up there nodding and drooling, not lifting a finger to help his suffering creations.

(Warning to viewers: "God's" disasters, diseases, predation, and other cruelties make for some upsetting grue.)

The important thing to note in "God's Wonderful Circle Of Life!" is that none of the scenes (except, perhaps, the poor chicken on fire?) depict suffering caused by humans who have "forgotten God" and are thus caught up in "sin". The tornadoes, pestilences, floods, and animal-on-animal slaughter depicted are all part of God's holy and perfect and intentional creation – or at least, so say the religionists.

The great irony in all this? It's religionists' beloved claim that Charles Darwin was some amoral proponent of tooth-and-claw struggling for survival as a blueprint for society. When any reading of that proper Victorian gentleman's words shows that he advocated nothing of the sort.

Let me see if I've got the claims straight: Darwin observed the reality in which most living things suffer and die horribly from causes including drought, disaster, disease, and just plain being ripped to shreds by predators. Holy God, meanwhile, created and maintains that vicious reality. Therefore, Darwin was immoral and God is all-merciful loving sweetness.

Human brains with the logic circuits of a kumquat: More human "sin" or more of God's perfect creation? You tell me, believers.

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