"God Cares" - The Movie?

13 May 2010

Over on Debunking Christianity, I watched this video (whose creator says he was inspired by a Debunking Christianity post). (Warning: While the images stop short of presenting the real world at its goriest, they will put some pretty ugly scenes into your dreams.) 

Nice work. My hat is off to its creator.

I certainly appreciate the intent behind the video, but it's not nearly as powerful a message as it could be. Much of it is images are people harming people. That may still be an argument against "God cares" where more thoughtful believers are concerned, but the more simple-minded ninnies will just bleat "That's the evil that man causes through sin. See what happens when we ignore God?"

So let's see a version that shows the overwhelming evidence against "God cares" without handing apologists the easy escape route of "man's sin". A video focused on natural disasters, horrific diseases, hideous parasites, birth defects... Damn depressing stuff to even think about, let alone watch, but it'd send the powerful message that reality is full of horrors and injustices that have nothing to do with imaginary "sin", and that "the Magic Man loves us" is a mighty stupid fantasy.

Anyone know of such an existing video? I'd love to feature it.

(Note: I'd hoped to leave the above as a comment on Debunking Christianity, but that site seems one of those that goes out of its way to make posting difficult. After a couple of failed attempts I gave up.)


I haven't heard of such a video -- hadn't heard of one like this before reading those couple posts on Debunking Christianity -- but I agree, one like the one you described would be more universally compelling. If I was savvier with such things I'd do it myself, but A/V editing is one of the areas of technology I've not ventured into. I'd feature it on my blog as well if it were to exist.

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Fortunately for us, RB is on the case. Let's 

BTW, glad to learn of your blog. I like your post Faith to be an Atheist; it addresses a particularly inane charge made by the truly witless. "It takes faith to not believe in my deity" makes as much sense as "It takes faith to not believe in vampires". 

Awesome. I'll keep an eye out for the video.

And thanks! Yeah, I don't know... part of me wonders if I'll eventually see a theist respond to that post with, "But I do have faith that [fairies / unicorns / leprechauns / vampires / orbital teapots] don't exist. Undying faith. Doesn't everybody?" It wouldn't suprise me. Faith is a virtue, after all.

Hey, as I said in my response to your comment, I am making a video that will feature just such a theme. It should be up in the next day or two, depending on my schedule.

Thanks again for the support!

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Great! Looking forward to that sequel. 


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