If You Put Your Mind To It You Can Believe Anything

29 May 2010

Quick pointer to a humor piece at The Onion, If You Put Your Mind To It You Can Believe Anything:

It may seem hard at first, but once you start believing in God, and presupposing that this God condones all of your thoughts and actions, it gets a whole lot easier. Believing in a supreme being like that not only absolves you of any responsibility whatsoever, which is handy, but it also allows you to be self-righteous about the made-up stuff you've convinced yourself is true in order to gain some sense of structure or meaning in your worthless life.

And much more along those lines. Of course, this is where Poe's Law steps in: any attempt to parody fundamentalists ends up indistinguishable from the real thing. There are indeed believers saying things awfully close to the above. Or things like this – apparently earnest! – question that I just love: How do I find enough faith to believe that prayer works?

Just put your mind to it, Brother!


what a hard hitting statement/quote.


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