No one's making fun of Mohammed

25 May 2010

I was away from the usual web stuff for a few days and missed Everyone Draw Mohammed day. Fortunately, like any worthwhile event, EDM Day sounds like something one could choose to celebrate any old time. So I'll have to get on it – perhaps as part of designing a logo for this site. 

In the meantime, a little web surfing will find you all the Mohammed pics you could like. Let's give a thumbs-up to Google for not caving in to anyone's demand to censor these!

Speaking of which: The Atheist Experience points out a pathetic attempt by some enraged Muslim(s?) to retaliate against EDM Day by creating... get ready... Everyone Draw the Holocaust Day

It's as dumb an idea as it first sounds. See the brutal takedown in the article and comments. The short version, which you can easily guess, is this: Er, no one's ever decreed a ban on drawing Holocaust pictures. EDtH Day may be crass and tasteless, but mainly it's clueless, completely misunderstanding the point of EDM Day. (So it goes when "enraged" and "humorless" combine to give birth to "stupid".)

Here and there you'll hear people make reference to "cartoons making fun of Mohammed". But that's where the offended keep missing the point. No one, really, is making fun of Mohammed. Those of us who would draw cartoons or make jokes mostly don't even care about Mohammed. 

What cartoon sketchers (and general wags) make fun of is not a semi-mythical bearded man, but the dolts who shriek "No, you mustn't draw pictures of the bearded man!" We make fun of the fist-clenching, threat-hurling, eternally-offended, living believers, not the long-dead ersatz prophet.

It's very funny how the offended never get that. So if the chance pops up, be kind and fill them in. "I'm not making fun of your prophet. I'm making fun of you. Which is a very good thing. And so very easy, too."

Finally: Ooh, this pic is sweet: a LEGO Mohammed... er, "stacking blocks" with a LEGO Aysha. I wonder whether the author intended the little extra irony of using a Danish toy product for this fine bit of "blasphemy".

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