Religious funnies roundup

12 Jan 2011

Miscellaneous funny bits:

Moon = God

One of the best recent laughs: Bill O'Reilly tells us that tides are proof of God. Enjoy.

Virgin Mary Statue Crying For No Good Reason

From The Onion:

"There must be thousands of Marys in the Greater Boston area, but ours is the only one who can't hold it together... The real miracle would be if Old Faithful over here would turn off the waterworks for five seconds."

That explains it

Sorry; I lost the source of this one.

Dinosaurs on the ark


After revealing to the Internet the multi-layered Koodle of the Korean Thermo Mat Clay Mat / Bed with its hucleus external rays (just the thing when "the weather is groovy"!), I still rank only about #16 on a Google search for Koodle.

Tides be damned; clearly, there is no God.

Unidentified Suspended Objects

Not a religion item, but a telling look at "I know it's true, because I saw it!" A postcard sent in to PostSecret

UFO secret

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