Scary Christian Ghost Stories

1 Feb 2012

Have you heard the scary tale of the Jewish carpenter zombie?

Probably so; restating the supernatural bits of religion, even the "glorious" bits, in terms of crude pulp fiction is a common way to have fun when mocking belief.

I saw one such rewording today, when following some non-memorable chain of links brought me to The 7 Most Ridiculous Ghost Stories from Around the World on (a site I normally avoid due to its magical powers to destroy productive time...). I liked one comment by reader CraigFinlay:

I heard a ghost story once about a carpenter who was executed and rose from the dead 3 days later and if you don't telepathically accept him as your master he'll send you to burn in the underworld for all eternity because a rib woman was tricked by a talking snake into eating magic fruit a very long time ago. Why isn't that on this list?

Heh. Worth committing to memory.

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