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25 Feb 2013


gun cartoon


Something about this cartoon doesn't seem right.

It's something in that last panel. The one that points out the arbitrariness and hypocrisy of the reactionaries crying "we've got to do something about guns". See how the man on the right – i.e., the hand-wringing, inconsistent public – reverses his reaction, from outcry against the killer to outcry against guns, when nothing really has changed. The dead guy and the small hand weapon are both the same; all that's changed is that the latter happens to be a handgun instead of a club...

But as a depiction of the ongoing gun debate, something about the cartoon seems oddly... off. What could it be...

Ah, I see it! Here:

In the last panel, replace the handgun with a military-style assault rifle.

And replace the dead guy with twenty dead kids.

There. With that fix, the cartoon would depict the real debate the public wants to hold, not the imaginary one the cartoonist seems to hope for.


I guess he couldn't fit, "Oh my, you used an everyday item designed for a completely differnt purpose to kill someone," and "Oh my, you used a handgun for the exact purpose it was designed."

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A very good point!

I feel like most people that speak about "military style assualt rifles" have very little or no experience with firearms, or the military, and the point above I must say is somewhat weak. I can endeaver as to why.

Also with the sandy hook references, pistols were used in that incident.

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Indeed, I have little experience with "military assault rifles". And...?

The question remains: Do we want a society in which any yahoo can easily acquire a weapon that can quickly mow down a crowd of people? If so, why?

I'm late to the party, but the visitor up there has lied; according to the Department of Emergency Services, one of the weapons used was a Bushmaster XM15-E2S, a variant of the AR-15, which is a semi-automatic version of the M-16.

Well i didn't get this O.o


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