A Romney speaks out against the Mormon Church

26 Mar 2012

US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, trying to appeal to as many people as he can, is loathe to talk directly about his Mormon faith.

Fortunately for us, he has a cousin more willing to speak up about what he calls a "cult". Park Romney was no casual church member, either; he was a former high priest, now turned against the Church and telling an insider's story: Readeth thou more

"But my God concept is Eastern, so it's better"

5 Feb 2012

As an atheist with antennae tuned to unfounded claims about religion, and as a resident of "the East" sensitive to silly claims about "Western thought" and "Eastern thought", I had to reply to the following email letter received by The Atheist Experience from a visitor to their Facebook page. I'm humbly taking the liberty of reposting the letter here:

Don’t know if you guys know much about Eastern thought. Here is what I posted about your show on Facebook:

Lion for Jesus

25 Jan 2012

"Arguing on the Internet is..."

Fill in the blank yourself with the punchline from any number of witticisms. They all equate to the same thing: "Arguing on the Internet is dumb." It's a waste of time, I know, especially responding to anonymous commenters... but once in a while, you just can't help but let fly. Readeth thou more

Separation of Church and State (part 5)

12 Dec 2011

(Click to enlarge)

Here's a twist on the images I've been posting comparing the proponents and opponents of separation of church and state. A related – and equally crucial – topic is whether public schooling should stay secular, with religious education a matter of personal freedom in the home, the church, the mosque, and so on. Or should government, through the public school system, dip its hands into the matter of religion? Readeth thou more