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A Bible word a day

8 May 2014

Attention, word lovers: the popular A.Word.A.Day mailing list is again focusing on religion-inspired terms, this time vocabulary drawn from the Bible. Sure, any of us would be pleased to be called a Solomon, and you'd probably obligingly flex some bicep if admirers labeled you a Samson... but would you know whether or not to take the epithet Ananias as a compliment?  Readeth thou more

Listen to Him!

15 Dec 2013

We hear again and again from the believers: Listen to the Word of God. Hear the message of the Bible. Know your scriptures. Listen to Him!

The usual atheist response is... to agree wholeheartedly! I'd love people to know the message of the Bible! So here's a handy starter guide; feel free to cut and paste wherever needed. Like this: 

"You say we should all listen to what your God has to say? I totally agree! I've read his Word, and here are some highlights:"

God loves slavery (Leviticus 25:44-46)

What's the harm in snake handling?

6 Nov 2013

What's the Harm is an awesome web site that tracks news stories of the actual death, damage, or other distress caused by belief in the unbelievable – everything from faith healing and ghosts to Scientology and IRS denial. (Should the site suggest that a pet pseudoscience or dogma of yours is harmful, don't fret; you should see dozens of competing claims on that list that we both can agree are just plain wacked.) Readeth thou more

It's not a rock problem either

20 Jun 2013

Here's a guns + scripture billboard from somewhere in the U.S. of A.:

 Gun control billboard

It says:

Cain killed Abel with a rock

It's a HEART problem, not a gun problem.

Jeremiah 17:9

Okay. So Cain killed Abel with a rock.

But in December 2012, Adam Lanza killed 26 people at a school, including 20 kids, with an assault rifle.

Over 4,000 more people in the US have been killed with guns in the 6 months since then.

Over 32,000 people in the US were killed with guns in 2011 alone. Subtracting over 19,000 suicides by gun, over 1,000 accidental or undetermined gun-related deaths, and a scant 600+ "justifiable" homicides by gun, around 11,000 gun deaths in the US in 2011 remain classified as murder.

Every year about 30,000 people, 10 times the death toll from 9/11, are killed with guns in the US. Counting only murders as the problem addressed by the billboard, that's still 11,000 people, or about 3 times the death toll from 9/11, murdered by gun every year in the US.

You're wrong, billboard. It's a gun problem.

(The false equivalency on the billboard is the same as that in this cartoon: pretending that the gun problem in the US is one of "a guy killed a guy." At 11,000 murders a year, the problem in the US is not "a guy killed a guy.")

Readeth thou more

Uh, if you really want him, he's all yours...

6 Jun 2013

Quiet, everyone!

Some Christians out there would like to make two announcements about atheists:

"Stalin was an atheist!"

Stalin the atheist

All righty. I think we've heard that before. What was the other thing you wanted to say?

"There are no atheists! 'Atheists' believe in God!"

There are no atheists

Uh, I've heard that one too. But now I'm confused:

So you're insisting that Stalin was a believer??

Stalin the believer

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It's a resurrection!

5 Jun 2013

It's feeling like Easter around here, with the site rising from its antiquated software like a rocket-powered Jesus phoenix. Expect better things from the upgrade. Although... the new software is leaving little chocolate rabbit eggs (ahem) all over. Not everything is working right; in particular, the system wants to leave "Readeth thou more" links after every post excerpt, even when the "excerpt" is the entire short post and there's no more to read. Please turn the other cheek and what not, while I get all Angry Yahweh on the bugs. Readeth thou more

Fix that cartoon

25 Feb 2013


gun cartoon


Something about this cartoon doesn't seem right.

It's something in that last panel. The one that points out the arbitrariness and hypocrisy of the reactionaries crying "we've got to do something about guns". See how the man on the right – i.e., the hand-wringing, inconsistent public – reverses his reaction, from outcry against the killer to outcry against guns, when nothing really has changed. The dead guy and the small hand weapon are both the same; all that's changed is that the latter happens to be a handgun instead of a club...

But as a depiction of the ongoing gun debate, something about the cartoon seems oddly... off. What could it be...

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