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Uh, if you really want him, he's all yours...

Quiet, everyone!

Some Christians out there would like to make two announcements about atheists:

"Stalin was an atheist!"

Stalin the atheist

All righty. I think we've heard that before. What was the other thing you wanted to say?

"There are no atheists! 'Atheists' believe in God!"

There are no atheists

Uh, I've heard that one too. But now I'm confused:

So you're insisting that Stalin was a believer??

Stalin the believer

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It's a resurrection!

It's feeling like Easter around here, with the site rising from its antiquated software like a rocket-powered Jesus phoenix. Expect better things from the upgrade. Although... the new software is leaving little chocolate rabbit eggs (ahem) all over. Not everything is working right; in particular, the system wants to leave "Readeth thou more" links after every post excerpt, even when the "excerpt" is the entire short post and there's no more to read. Please turn the other cheek and what not, while I get all Angry Yahweh on the bugs. Readeth thou more

Fix that cartoon


gun cartoon


Something about this cartoon doesn't seem right.

It's something in that last panel. The one that points out the arbitrariness and hypocrisy of the reactionaries crying "we've got to do something about guns". See how the man on the right – i.e., the hand-wringing, inconsistent public – reverses his reaction, from outcry against the killer to outcry against guns, when nothing really has changed. The dead guy and the small hand weapon are both the same; all that's changed is that the latter happens to be a handgun instead of a club...

But as a depiction of the ongoing gun debate, something about the cartoon seems oddly... off. What could it be...

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Thanks for your patience (a comment on comments)

I apologize to the kind readers of this site for slowness in responding to comments of late, and for possible glitches with the site itself. Some weeks ago, the site was hit with a long-running bout of crippling performance issues that I'm sure created commenting troubles or unavailable pages for many visitors. (Sorry, believers, the cause was a simple database screw-up on the part of my ISP. Not divine retribution because I blasphemed. Unless... Yahweh lashed out against my ISP because a gay couple got married somewhere?) Readeth thou more

Guns don't kill people...

True, guns don't kill people.

But bullets sure as hell do.

It's time for the US to try something other than obeying every whim of gun fetishists. It's time for laws that do a far better job of restricting gun ownership to the trained and responsible.

There's no harm in experimenting; if restriction doesn't stem the violence, the country can always revert to letting the National Rifle Association have its way. Readeth thou more

Jesus takes believer's leg (and God won't grow it back)

David Jimenez stopped daily at a 600-lb. (270-kg) crucifix outside a church in Newburgh, New York, US, praying for a cure for his wife's cancer. When her condition improved, he was so thankful he asked the church for permission to clean the neglected cross.

Jesus may have wanted more than just hosannas and a scrub, though. The poorly-attached sculpture fell over and crushed the devotee's leg, necessitating amputation. Readeth thou more

"Imagine No Religion" billboard

(2012.10.18: This is an update of a post from a few years back. I've made a slight improvement to my ideal billboard image at the end, though I'd love to see far better versions by actual artists!)

I appreciate the intent behind the Freedom from Religion Foundation's "Imagine No Religion" billboard. It counters the inane "God" billboards littering US highways, reminding people that we atheists are here and we're not going to keep quiet any more. Readeth thou more

Correcting a misquote, #2: John Adams' "best of all possible worlds"

Uh-oh! Following up on earlier clarification of a Thomas Jefferson quote, this time I need to take a closer look at words from the second president of the US, John Adams.

An anonymous reader aptly points out that the following quote which appeared on this site is taken out of context and misleading:

This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it.

— John Adams, US president