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1 Sep 2008
PZ Myers communion wafer incident

Okay. The "wafer wars" – the "desecration" of a cheap communion wafer by a Florida student and later PZ Myers, followed by a righteous uproar among Catholics and demagogues – is past its peak, so I'm late with this. But still:

The hubbub put a picture in my mind of an atheist "Pac Man" gobbling up wafers, pursued by outraged fundie "ghosts". Drawing up the cheap gag, the image got bigger until it reached what I'm attaching here.

So, here's a bit of fun with the whole wafer silliness, done with much admiration PZ Myers' steadfast refusal to show "respect" for an utterly idiotic bit of medieval superstition. It's a big graphic; download the attachment to see it.

Pac_Zach_Man.png368.07 KB


Thanks for posting your Pac Zach Man link to Pharyngula, this is simply brilliant - I especially liked your characterisation of the Pope's (supposedly infallible) ghost as being "Bling Bling"! Great stuff!


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The cartoon is cheap, it's childish... That's what I like. : )

Thanks for the kind words! 


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