Science vs North Mythology

12 Nov 2008

I came across another great webcomic, The Pain – When Will It End? It's not about religion, but the artist is definitely a freethinker, and more than a few installments take good cracks at the Godsmacked.

I particularly enjoyed Science vs North Mythology, showing how idiotic the anti-science arguments look when you replace Christianity with a religion that happens to be one we don't inexplicably "respect".

(Hey, I for one do respect Norse mythology. If we're going to make up gods, why not make up cool ones? Thor vs Jesus is a fight I'd pay to see.

Round 1:

Jesus sprints across water toward Thor. Jesus attacks with a basket of loaves and fish.

Thor returns the attack with Mjolnir. SPLAT.

Round 2:

There is no Round 2.)

But even Thor might be defeated by another Bible-inspired hero, wielding a weapon of his own. His name is... no, see for yourself. Click when the boss isn't looking.

Good stuff.

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