How to say goodbye to religion

15 Dec 2014

A theological degree-holding evangelical Minister named Adam has finally left his Christian faith – and he's written one hell of a letter explaining why.

This is hard-hitting stuff. Adam lays out the cornerstones that bolstered his faith, followed by the causes of cracks in those foundations. He details his long search for truth, how he applied tests to his faith to confirm its validity, and how his faith failed those tests. He writes of the problems and internal contradictions he discovered in Christianity and the Bible, the clashes between scripture and historical fact, the origins of Judeo-Christian beliefs in older religions, the failures of scriptural prophecy, the evil of the Old Testament God, and the horrible message of the Bible itself. (My favorite line: "According to Christian beliefs, both Hitler and his ‘unsaved’ Jewish victims will be roasting together in the endless torments of Hell!")

This is no one-note Bible-bashing screed, though. Adam points out what's commendable in his old religion, offering kind words for the good hearts and intentions of his Christian friends. He devotes a lot of thought to understanding the reasons for religion's strength and the foundations of faith itself. He closes on a wonderfully powerful message well-known to atheists the world over: There's great beauty to be found in stepping into the light of reality, with the freedom (and responsibility) to deal with questions of morality and purpose, unfettered by ancient superstition.

The letter is long, but it's well worth the read. Believers, I dare your faith to stand up to Adam's letter.

An Open Letter to my Christian Friends

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