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Religious cartoons, Part 2

7 May 2009

Following an earlier look at a decidedly smarmy and unfunny religious comic strip, here's another peek at faith-generated yuks. (No, I don't go looking for this stuff; this one came via the now-classic route: a "you'll love this" email making the rounds of senior citizens and the related-by-family victims on their mailing lists.)

This strip doesn't seem universally awful. An example:


The following panel was also amusing:

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Gods duke it out in Faith Fighter

6 May 2009

"Gosh," you say, "isn't there a Mortal Kombat-fighting game that lets me pit silly cartoon gods against each other – especially one that gives me the panty-waist option of censoring out Mohammed's face if its depiction offends me?"

You're in luck: Faith Fighter has been pleasing humor-compatible gamers, religious or not, for some time now. I just wasted all comers as Ganesha (though on Easy level; I'm lazy that way).

Ignore the mewling "we don't want to offend anybody" disclaimer, and go whip some divine hiney. Before the U.N. takes it away from you anyway. Readeth thou more

How did this stuff EVER make sense?

22 Apr 2009

Beautiful beyond words. This is exactly the list of Christian inanities that's been growing in my mind over the years - plus a few bonus points I never thought of.

Religionists fight back against reasoned arguments with authentic-sounding, authoritatively-delivered nonsense, bolstered by titles like "Reverend" and "Cardinal" and "theologian". But I've yet to see them make a good retort to the most effective weapon of all: ridicule that just tosses their own claims and scriptures back at them. Great stuff! Readeth thou more