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Science vs North Mythology

12 Nov 2008

I came across another great webcomic, The Pain – When Will It End? It's not about religion, but the artist is definitely a freethinker, and more than a few installments take good cracks at the Godsmacked.

I particularly enjoyed Science vs North Mythology, showing how idiotic the anti-science arguments look when you replace Christianity with a religion that happens to be one we don't inexplicably "respect".

(Hey, I for one do respect Norse mythology. If we're going to make up gods, why not make up cool ones? Thor vs Jesus is a fight I'd pay to see.

Round 1:

Jesus sprints across water toward Thor. Jesus attacks with a basket of loaves and fish.

Thor returns the attack with Mjolnir. SPLAT.

Round 2:

There is no Round 2.)

But even Thor might be defeated by another Bible-inspired hero, wielding a weapon of his own. His name is... no, see for yourself. Click when the boss isn't looking.

Good stuff.

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Gay Jesus: the semi-documentary

3 Oct 2008

Small update to Is there something Jesus wasn't telling us?:

I would certainly expect that my little gag about "gay Jesus" is completely unoriginal, and probably as old as the hills. (Well, no more than 2000 years old, actually, whereas "the hills" are 6000 years old. Right?) Of course, we have no basis on which to speculate on the Savior's horizontal proclivities, so it's just good-natured silliness. But in any case, I wasn't aware that the great Pat Condell was among the jokesters. For your entertainment:

YouTube will get you many more brilliant rants by this fellow. Go kill a half hour or so.

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God's easy like that

21 Sep 2008

God has always been a flip-flopper.

"I think I'll have humanity live here forever on this paradise Earth... Oops, Adam bit the fruit! Change of plans! Humanity will live short lives now, then go to Hell or come up here to Heaven. Forever! Let's see... Gabriel, roll out a few billion guest beds..."

Same with prayer; it changes God's plans. (Unless you're a kid with untreatable cancer. "Sorry, Timmy; you die. But thanks for the pleading, frantic prayers.")

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