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Partially Clips comics

12 Sep 2008

I'm not a big reader of web comics (because I'd do nothing else if I really got started on them), but found myself perusing the whole archive of the great Partially Clips.

The links below are to a small double-handful of strips that touch on themes of religion, faith, and reason, even just a little. In no particular order:

The faithful, of course, will refuse to see themselves skillfully parodied in those panels.

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SPORE game for Creationists

10 Sep 2008

Heh. You know the new Electronic Arts game SPORE, which has Creationists screeching "foul" because its digital creations - gasp! - evolve throughout the levels of the game?

Among the Customer Reviews for the game at Apple's iPhone/iPod App Store, someone named Lost in Iceland asks:

Will they offer a Creationist version that only has one level, already finished??

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Pac Zach Man

1 Sep 2008
PZ Myers communion wafer incident

Okay. The "wafer wars" – the "desecration" of a cheap communion wafer by a Florida student and later PZ Myers, followed by a righteous uproar among Catholics and demagogues – is past its peak, so I'm late with this. But still:

The hubbub put a picture in my mind of an atheist "Pac Man" gobbling up wafers, pursued by outraged fundie "ghosts". Drawing up the cheap gag, the image got bigger until it reached what I'm attaching here. Readeth thou more