It's a resurrection!

5 Jun 2013

It's feeling like Easter around here, with the site rising from its antiquated software like a rocket-powered Jesus phoenix. Expect better things from the upgrade. Although... the new software is leaving little chocolate rabbit eggs (ahem) all over. Not everything is working right; in particular, the system wants to leave "Readeth thou more" links after every post excerpt, even when the "excerpt" is the entire short post and there's no more to read. Please turn the other cheek and what not, while I get all Angry Yahweh on the bugs.

The graphic presentation needs improvement too, especially on mobile devices. It'll happen (and long before Armageddon, I'll bet). In the mean time, please poke around all the existing content, and let me know of any bad discoveries (More site bugs! Boo!) or good ones (No more faith! Yay!).

Thanks always for your visits and comments!

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