Hi, JWs!

Hi! I was raised among the Jehovah's Witnesses. It's a Christian sect that's smallish and odd in several areas – maybe even a touch Mormon-y and a touch Jewish-y in a spot or two – but Christian through and through. If you're a practicing JW or an ex-JW (they've got a fierce dropout rate!), you might find some of the writings below of particular interest. (Oh, and if you see any mistaken or outdated JW info here – I left quite some time back! – I greatly welcome corrections.)

There but for the grace of reason go I

16 Mar 2008

Hello, former (or current!) Jehovah's Witnesses! Or former and current religious folk, to cast the net wider. I was once one of you – and like most believers, so self-assured that I was right in all of my beliefs.

Commence rambling.

My immediate family entered "the Truth" (as the JW's humbly call their brand of faith) when I was only about five, so I don't have a memory of how the change came about. My parents were young, poor, beset by life's troubles (like a bunch of wailing kids), and lacking in the critical analysis skills that a university education (sometimes) provides. They were ripe pickings, in other words, for the evangelicals. Readeth thou more